Tuesday, October 24, 2006

look a like?

what do you think about this guys...

sa tingin nyo, sinong artista mejo kamukha ko..
wala lng, at least macompare ko man lang sarili ko sa artista..
just for fun guys... walang magawa eh..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

wishing, hoping and thanking...

I wish I could figure this out or what even to write about after 25 years in our world, My life is filled with so much doubt And I can never tell you what about, there is still a lot of things I want to know the real existence about me, the truth..

So much things in mind, so much question needs to answere. I know time will come I will uncover the truth, For now, I just wanna say Thank You to God for giving me another year in this world to search the answers of my questions.

Thank you God! I hope and I wish I will find the answer, I know you're always there beside me. You're my strength, life and Friend.

Thanks guys for the Birthday Greetings.....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

do not let go of me...

Now that you are here, I will have no fears. and your love has come to rescue me. From an old love that could not last, she is now gone, she's a part of my past. You came to me at troubling times, You held me, consoled me and enpowered me with a love so devine. That beyond a shadow of a doubt I know for sure, You are my second chance at love, my only cure!

Second chances are not often found,And now you are my partner, my sweety, my lover and friend,This time its for keeps, our love will never end. For our love is planted on solid ground. I just wish love would never betrayed us.

Look at us now.. binded with true love. Never let me go, never give up with me. coz I will hold you, Hug you, I will never let you Go. I Love you.

Thank God I have you...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's mah Birthday....

Way back in elementary I asked my mom where did they got my name Owen mom replied "because you were born in October so we decided to get the first letter of the month O," so i end up like Owen..

I'm turning 25 on Oct. a week after. I'm getting old but still don't know what to do with my life, I could make my own decisions..

What do you think guys.. Is it the good age for me to settle down? and I promised myself that before i will have turned 30, my baby girl would already have a Mom to nurture and care for her.

Mahabang -Habang inoman na naman to... BTW I dunno what to do to become serios with my life. The only problem If I'm going to settle fown I'm not prepared finacially, emotionally yes.

Life will still go on... It's mah Birthday.. hehehe Disco inom to.. hehehe (joke)