Saturday, February 28, 2009


for me this are the four important things in life when it comes to relationship, because when you break it they don't make noise but HURT a lot..

1. Trust
2. Promise
3. Relationship
4. Heart

(courtesy of turmoil)

guys please don't over use the word "choosy" everyone of us has a different personality and preferences, let's just respect each other. Humanap ka ng pangit at ibigin mong tunay, pagkat ang ganda ay kumukupas, ngunit ang pagkatao kailan may di lilipas.

It hurts a lot when somebody rejected you, i've been there, and i know exactly how it feels,

lalo na pag natamaan ka ng pana ni cupido, ang hirap. pero wala tayong magagawa kasi its their will also to look for someone na gusto nila, someone na nagpapatibok ng puso nila.

pare-pareho tayo ng hinahanap, we look for someone that bring our heart and soul together and bring us to life everyday, kaso hindi talaga eh, di talaga para sa isa't isa, yon ang pinakamasakit.

Don't look for someone who will complete you, you complete yourself!

instead look for someone who will complement you, who will bring out the best in you, someone who will not just use and abuse you.

I sometimes prefer to be alone, alone in the world, i get rejected by some people around me.

I feel like there is nothing for me in this world.

they said "you have to wait" but what the F*** been waiting and shit didn't come at all to me

I have a feeling like i hate being alone and sometimes i like being alone coz it has a reason...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

if only...

this past few days, i have been very happy, of course there were a few down sides but i rather not think of those, i'm not gonna ruin my day.. :)

i have been spending time with someone i like and i really enjoying it, i don't know what's happening to me these days, i don't know.. wahhh you can't really find the exact reason why the feeling goes that way... (friend ko lang to ha)

happiness, contented, thats what you feel and you always give a smile to anyone whoever pass by. hayyy sarap ng feeling.

actually its her voice does something strange to me, it's so far-fetched that i really can't describe it. i love what we are now though we're somewhere on that gray area. it's something that the only two of us know and will ever understand...(maxado bang intimate?)

and lately i have been communicating with my old friends, i started texting them, it's like your connecting to your past self again.. it feels so good... remembering what i used to be, made me realize how much i've change this past few years.

i have matured to some extend and the things i want to stay the same never did, they changed, little by little, without me noticing it.

thingking about it makes me feel sad, if only i coluld relish those moments a little longer, if only i could guarantee that they'll stay with me for the rest of my life...

IF ONLY... then I would be very happy.

i don't know why change makes me sad, all i know that it is something that i cannot runaway from and have to accept it... and just realize that you have to enjoy the moment before its totally gone.

*give smile to everyone, who knows its the only sunshine they had for the whole day. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

leave me alone!!!

I don't FEEL
the NEED
sobrang badtrip ako and i wish i could tell you this stuff. . . my apology for the curse, for the word guys... i just can't find the perfpect word para sa good friend ko who happend to be my best enemy NOW.

i felt good na.. nailabas ko na galit ko, buti na lang naisulat ko, ayaw kung sumigaw nakakahiya... i never felt so much anger before.. ngayon lang...

*peace out*

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy hurts day...

........sick of crying

tired of waiting........

..........yes i am smiling

but deep inside i am dying..........

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

valentine's day

Malapit-lapit na rin ang Valentines day.. Lahat ng mga tao nagkakagulo, nag iisip, nawiwindang dahil sa celebrasyong ito.. Pero ako dedma lang wala naman talaga akong ka-date, wala din akong crushh (wahhh) kaya no sweat at all kung darating man ang Valentine's day.

walang gastos, matipid, total mahal ko naman ang sarili ko, sarili ko nalang i-date ko, i-treat ko hahahaha.

pero sa mga taong may minamahal at crushessss masasabi ko lang i Gud luck na lang po sa inyo, naway magiging success kayo sa mga balak nyo hahaha.

Abot batok namn ang ngiti ng mga may-ari ng mga motel dahil for sure marami na naman ang mag tsu-tsuktsakan.. hahahaha malamang makalipas ang ilang buwan maraming mabubuntis o kaya kung di mabuntis, maraming bata ang mamamatay.. sana fave nila ang kanta ni rihanna-unfaithful "i don't wanna be a murderer" para save life hahahaha bawal mag withdraw kasi ndi banko.. ok?

at sa mga taong wala pang ka-date: ito ang tanong ng mga sambayanan, tanong ng marami, usap-usapan ng mga bakla sa kanto, sa parlor, sa palengke, tanong ala janina san miguel.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

i could not count. . .

i could not count the number of houses i stayed back in elementary,

i could not count how many meals i skipped or how many typical porridge and dried fish i had as meals before going to school and even going to bed.

this happened due to the misfortunes i had in life...

i could not count how many tears i shed for not having money for snacks at school and even fare for riding a jeepney...

i could not count how many kilometers i walked to and from school...

i could not count how many times i failed, i hurt, i wept for not having you by my side...

i could not count how many times i asked you to stay and be with me...

i could not count how many times i asked God to back me up, to catch me every time i fall..

and i could not count how many times i said "Thank you God"

while dreaming is boundless i think we should not stop in doing such because it is through this that we open the portal to the inner us.

keep dreaming my friend....