Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's the Lover

He broke your heart and said goodbye
After promising forever
You wonder why you even tried
he was such a good pretender

The love you gave was all in vain
and nothing anyone can say
could ever make you love that way again

It's the lover not the love
who broke your heart last night
It's the lover not the dream
that didn't work out right
if you listen to your heart
you'll know it's true
It's the lover not the love
who deserted you

Don't stop reachin' for the stars
Let tomorrow live inside you
And just remember who you are
Keep the faith and love will find you

A heart in love can lose it's true
Don't give up in time to find
the one who's right will come to you

It does no good to second guess
whether love is wrong or right
If it was really meant to be
he'd be with you tonight