Sunday, May 13, 2007

Euphoric Experienced

I knew this thing would come, that finally guys we had graduated from training. But I never thought along the way I would realized I've already miss you. I don't know how to tell you guys how I love you, each and every moment that we had always made me cry, till now.

I am invigorated and full of hope that i/we will soon have the chance to make mark and make name in the world that we're about to start. This would be a tough challeges now for us. and i know we can do it, we were trained to become the best and far better than the others. Guys, it requires a huge amount and a dose of sacrifices to be on the top. It's something that we are willing to do for I know that all our effort will pay off in time.

Guys, we know that it will start from clean slate and its just a matter of focus and being assertive. We have to show to them guys that we are different, that we should not be bother of difficult things, and we may last longer than what we imagined.

Its our life and we have to do something for ourself not just for our own fullfilment but for the person who inspired us to move a greater heights.. and thats Ms. Malou.

Ms. Malou....
I know I have always been the weakest person in the class, if you could only knew that Every words that you uttered made me a better person, that I was able to gain strength, my heart beat faster and faster with eagerness and surpass everything, and I love you for that. I just can't forget the day you made me cry, it was really an embarrasing moment for me.. hehehehe
To our Mentor, Ms Christine and Sir Bong..
In behalf of Wave 11B, Thank you so much for the lesson and thoughts the you shared to us.
We will not forget you guys...

To my batch WAVE 11B
You're The BEst Friends I Ever Had... I lOve You...

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