Thursday, July 27, 2006

Love and Lust...

I can feel your hear beat fast, as i slowly hug you and caress you...
we're both silent, genlty falling from heaven like a soft feather,
Lick your neck and to your ear, to your nape and you sounded good
I feel that, and i like that, you turned me on...

slowly undress you, one by one with simple touch of your body
your lips is so soft, and our tonge tremble inside and its so good
you hold my back tight and you started to get off my shirt
unbotton my pants, and so you do...

Damn I' so hard and have to burst out my love
suck me off to your deepest needs and wants
and slowly penetrate you with my true love...

I don't want to close my eyes, afraid of losing you in my sight,
we move there and there, we keeps on rolling and rolling
until we reach to our purpose.
to release and burst the true meaning of love...

I love you, I'll never let you go...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


It was July 22, 2006... Just yesterday when my baby ask me to go out to have dinner outside, I was lazy to got up to take a bath because i'm really sleepy, But my baby force me so there's nothing I can do but do everything and i hurriedly went to the bathroom and then fixed myself.

In SM San Lazaro (we just live at back of it) the nearest place, we decided to eat at Kenny Rogers, after we took out orders ask "What's the occassion" My baby shouted at me "what gago ka ah" namura tuloy ako. My baby told me that its our 11th monthsary.. oh my goshhh I forgot damn.... So i ask sorry and i promise to make it up before sleeping (kikikikiki).

Then we wathced movie "White Lady". The movie was OK well i watched it because of pauleen Luna, damn she's beautiful... yummylicious!!! and There was this bucnh of idiot gurls in front of us (i think 7 gurls) very noisy, they keep on shouting as if their first time to watch in sm theater, i could not hold my temper, i shouted to them (Tang ina nyo ahh di ko maintindihan pinapanood nyo kung gusto nyo makipag chismisan ndi ito ang tamang lugar) then tumahimik sila and i heard somebody shouted Buti nga sa inyo mga gago.. hehehe sama ko...

Anyways... when we went home and fixed our self to go to bed my baby said " matutulog ka na ba" sabi ko naman ndi pa, sabi nya babawe ka pa dba? heheheheh
then uhhhhahhhhh.... hehehehe

Sarap mabuhay pag may minamahal at nag mamahal sayo....

Monday, July 17, 2006

True love... the most painful feelings....

Experiencing true love is one of the most Happiest thing a person can experience in life. No words can express how happy we are experiencing love. Sometimes you can do crazy things…Unusual things and sometimes…. Stupid things When you’re in love….

On the other side, although love can be the happiest Feeling one has ever felt, it can also be the most painful Experience a person may encounter. Breaking up or ending A relationship is one of the hardest things to do in life..

In life, unexpected things always happen and sometimes You can do nothing but to accept it even though it’s hard And painful, you have to move on with your life. even things are unforgetable, life must go on…To let go of someone doesn’t mean you have to stop loving, It only means that you allow that person to find his/her own happiness without expecting him/her to come back but in my case if given a chance i'll still to do it with my love because i still belive that love is sweeter the second times around….

Letting go is not just setting the other person free, but it is also Setting yourself free…Cry, if you have to, but make it sure that the tears wash Away the hurt and the bitterness that the past has left with you, (though its hard to let go of the past) Let go of yesterday and love will find its way back to you. And when it does, pray that is may be the love that will stay&last. One thing I’ve learned about love and life is to cherish Every moment of it because you will never know what Will happen in the future. Who said life is fair anyway…. If only words and time can be turned back perhaps there Would be a big difference…

Saturday, July 15, 2006

sisterhood of the traveling pants....

Chantal Kreviazuk the one who performed this song and shes really great... She also has a version of Leaving on a Jetplane.

I love this song... Hope that anyone here is familiar with this song.

These days...

What's this life anyway What's it to you and me
What's it to anyone Who are we supposed to be
Make me a storybook Write me away from here I need a different now
Where we can wear each other for awhile
I'll lend you my tears if I could borrow a smile
I'll get through tomorrow somehow today Happy after...
Once upon these days

There's four roads to anywhere
Four ways for everything We were unbreakable
We spoke our destiny Let's take a moment out
Go were we never go Let's make a new world now
Where we can wear each other for awhile
I'll lend you my tears if I could borrow your smile
We'll get through tomorrow somehow today Happy after...
Once upon these days

Then one day we'll find When we're looking back on this time
Wondering how we've come so far from this
When we close our eyes What's this life anyway
What's it to you and me What are we doing here
Who are we supposed to be I'll take a better world
I'll take anything I'll take our little world now
Where we can wear each other for awhile
I'll lend you my tears if I could borrow your smile
We'll get through tomorrow somehow today Happy after...
Once upon these days

I dunno if you guys watch or familiar with the movie "sisterhood of the traveling pants"
i really love this movie i keep on watching this over and over again. Its all about four girls stars Alexis Bledel as Lena, Amber Tamblyn as Tiby, Blake Lively as Bridget, and America Ferrera as carmen also star Jenna boyd as Bailey.

Guys try nyo watch maganda promise...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Letting go....

While walking along the bay (roxas blvd) having quite-time and searching something for myself, I saw a girl crying and she was really in big trouble I came to her and ask if she was OK she looked at me, with tears on her cheeks, I tried to wiped her tears but she suddenly she said "Why do people sometimes fall out of love" then she leave..

She made me think, goshh i remember what i've been through when i was studying in davao (nakkksss eto na naman ako huhuhuhu). God knows how i cried that night when the love of my life walked out to that door. I couldn't bare the thoughts of losing my love. I was really hurt, for the first time in my life that took me years to recover. Totoo pa lang "Too much love will kill you" good thing God never allow things to ruin my life.

I realized that very moment that part of loving someone is to let them go, let them spread their wings and soar into their brand new life. It's hard but i think its the only way to live life completely.

Love is always accompanied by pain, If the person fall out of love already, let go of him/her. Never fight for your love, what for? "anong ipaglalaban mo, isang pag-ibig na ikaw lang ang nakadama?" Remember that Love is sharing it should be felt by two person. Do not prolong your agony, it will suffer you a lot. You don't have to punish yourself, it will just ruin you.

Do not wait for the right person to come into your life, but be the right person to come into someone's life....

(wala lng naiisip ko lng magsulat ng pagpapalaya kasi minsan ito yong kelangan natin.)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Unconditional Love....

There was a time in my life when i'm afraid to fall in love.. because everytime i fell in love i got hurt maybe that's why its called "falling" in love.

I would give my all loving deeply and wholeheartedly, it would be truly emotional and euphoric experience. I will love you wider than the universe and powerful than the wind. My mind will never let go of you because i coudn't go of a day without thinking of you.

Then one day my world would crash down resentment, anger, disappointment and pain. Life will never be the same again. I couldn't have decent sleep at night, I can't even move myself in a simple cresendo.

There just might be a reason why they're always on my mind. its because sometimes the brains knows too well what the hearts tries so hard to deny.
It was then I realize that loving someone isn't just giving, isn't just having him/her around. it's all about believing in one's self, just love and love and everything will come back to you even more.


I was about to write something here, you know to update my blog and supposedly i'm going to share the things that had happend to me for a week, I just had moved from my new apartment and got a new job Medical Representative, and i used to listen upbeat song everytime i need a "lifting" of the mood but suddenly in my first paragraph of writing, the music in radio had switch swiftly into mellow and here they played "Just when I needed you most" and the version from Dolly Parton.. sh*ttt its my fave artist and here we go it reminds me of someone, back when i was in high school.

I used to sing this song accompanied by guitar (hahahaha as if i know how to play guitar...) well a little yah i know, but the problem is, i've already forgot this person but why everytime i heard those kind of songs it reminds me. Actually nothing is interesting about that person its just that we had an intimate friendship.. (take note of the word intimate) btw while writing and thingking of that person made smile and kilig hahahahah landi ko.

This person is sweet, caring and everytime we're together we always had a special time to visit church (naksss naman) yah grabe tong best friend ko na to i dont even hide a single secret everything was told and same thing with my friend.. hayyy sarap talaga mag reminisce ng old memories its really worth to keep and wish i could see my friend because its been 10 years already and i dont have any info about my friend..

hay naku miss ko na tuloy sya.... (bitin ba?)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Far and away

It's been a quite sometimes that i haven't seen my family, and i've been working hard here in manila for quite years hoping that one day i could have stable job and to have a career that i can boast whenever i'll go home. I am very ambitious and trying to get everything what i want in my life, living alone to prove to them that i am independent and i can manage my life. I've been selfish and endulge my self so much with money and turn out to be huge mistake and later on a big regret in my life.

Nothing i can say after all but a big sigh now i've been wanting to go home to be with my family but how? I already don't have enough money. Almost everynight i hug my pillow tight wishing to feel the presence of my family. I couldn't even stop my tears falling slowly. and i realize i coudn't bare to live with out them. I know its my fault, I just want to make a difference.

hayyyyy.... so much in pain...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Loving and Losing

I knew last night was very different, and many of my fears have now shown their fruits. Ive seen them grow on me, and blossom one by one carefully, painfully. And its more than a bitter pill to swallow, when you realize that the one thing you fear, is now concretely real, making sadness even more vividly piercing. Imagine when the very person who shields you and supports you, who makes you look forward to every morning and every goodnight, who lends you strength and gives new meaning to every experience, who can make all painful steps a joy or make you wait a lifetime if only to see each other once again, who can make every moment a beautiful dream and every dream the death of harsh reality, that the very person who is one of your biggest reasons for living no longer loves you-- and especially knowing that not anyone, not even (and most of all) you, can ever save the heart that had stopped beating. (Not to mention that some people, who you once thought would understand you best, are just glad to see it all end.)

If this pain could only be heard, it could probably make the whole world deaf. And when it rings across all oceans, and every mountain, echoing for all time, to reach every heart that has loved and lost, they would understand me. If each pound of sadness would bring a tear, it will rain gloomily for days on end. But the world would take comfort in each drop of sincerity, and revel delicately to mirror my unbridled promise.

Once again, I had my heart got broken. And my soul has once again gone empty and blank. A clean slate to paint my life once again, but with a heart who remembers each drop of blood that I had shed for the one person who still holds great value in my life; in my hand a penny to take chances at wishing, and in the other a light of hope.

But now, I am not ready to risk my penny into the well, for I do not know what I would wish for. And I still cannot see hope, for I have closed my eyes trying to see the fading dreams once again. I still cannot fully accept that I have awaken to see this love end.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The existence of my being

I seek simple things in life; the stars and the night sky make me happy and I am awed by their silent violence...when I look up to the heavens while lying on the grass, I imagine myself falling into an abyss of infinite space and I am engulfed totally by the darkness...but when I am with someone I love while looking at the stars, I see something different, I feel different also...the stars suddenly begin to smile and they are in unison in wishing me happiness, they sing their songs to me and whisper good wishes for me and they send me hope...the darkness would no longer engulf but would rather embrace me, comfort me, sing lullabys to me and I am comforted in my heart, I become contented, I become happy, quietly jubilant...that's what a heart can do to me...a heart that beats for me and a heart who's main joy is to see me happy....the grass feels cool and becomes like a bed made of the softest feathers, the earth would no longer be dirty to lie upon, it would be soft and soothing and it too cradles me in its warmth...the night rejoices with me, the wind too and the heavens and of course the stars....oh how good it is to be in love!, to spend the quiet night with the one i love....but it's all so different when Im alone lying on the grass.......
Im very tired, really really tired of trying to find someone I can really trust...
There are only two things that are very powerful in the world, the Love and Death. Ive been waiting for them to come in my life, I dont know which one to come first, theres no reason to live after all if theres no Love, and I would rather to die if Love comes in my life. Death might lose its power but Love still remain Forever...