Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Far and away

It's been a quite sometimes that i haven't seen my family, and i've been working hard here in manila for quite years hoping that one day i could have stable job and to have a career that i can boast whenever i'll go home. I am very ambitious and trying to get everything what i want in my life, living alone to prove to them that i am independent and i can manage my life. I've been selfish and endulge my self so much with money and turn out to be huge mistake and later on a big regret in my life.

Nothing i can say after all but a big sigh now i've been wanting to go home to be with my family but how? I already don't have enough money. Almost everynight i hug my pillow tight wishing to feel the presence of my family. I couldn't even stop my tears falling slowly. and i realize i coudn't bare to live with out them. I know its my fault, I just want to make a difference.

hayyyyy.... so much in pain...


Anonymous said...

You know, i've been reading your seems always sad..

hope everything will turn out good for you...just continue to pray
God and have faith in HIM.

I find your blog interesting. I linked you already.

snglguy said...

Life is never easy nor fair, Owen. Remember, nobody promised you a rose garden when you came into this world.

I learned early on that, for some people (including me), life is always an uphill battle. It sucks yes, but we have to live it. Just keep that fire of ambition burning, it'll help you through tough times.

You'll be ok. :-)

_ice_ said...

ritchel> tnx ritchel.. you will read here more on emotions because i don't usaully share my feelings to anybody, this is my best friend chel heheheh..

yah actually everything is great chel you dont have to worry, im just sharing the other side of my humanity..

and im not IT im just dying to have one, you know killing the time i felt bore kasi staying in my place wid out doing anything so i decided to have one.

snglguy> Yah tnx.. You dont have to expect life to be fair.. ciao..