Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i'm letting you go. i'm letting 'us' go.

i've finally accepted that this is the way things would have to be. that i should allow us both to be free enough to seek whatever it is that trully makes us happy. even if it isn't with each other.

i must admit you probably won't be too far away from my thoughts, and that thinking of you will still bring that tinge of regret. but i'm okay. i will be okay.

thank you for teaching me the most painful lesson in my life.

Friday, June 05, 2009

coping up..

waiting for a new beginning

current mood: sad.. so sad..

i want to hide,look for a place somewhere that nobody knows me, i'm tired being bullied. my anger somehow eat me alive." i don't wanna end up hurting myself just because i can't stop them.

Now, I know how it feels when you were so tired and needed some rest but was rejected by people whom you cared for. I should imitate God, leave without a single word and not a heavy heart. Continuously caring for those people, not from a distance but within my heart.

I know things would be very difficult, because I'm still holding on to my last grip and still on the process of letting it go from hands. Every step of it is a sacrifice but I know in the end, this will be best for me, for I will ache no more...