Friday, March 30, 2007

Is this Love...

Lately I'm having trouble defining the feelings I have here inside..

I think I need more time to think it over if its Love.

If its really love,


is this the reason why I don't have decent sleep and it's been a weeks already.

I wanna know why?

I'm craving to see you more often,

I'm longing to kiss your lips,

I'm dying to hug you tight.

I need you here beside me.

Is it Love? Is this Love?

Please tell me.. I wanna know...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

to my friend pyem

I wonder if your thinking of me now?
My friend and I are so far apart.
I wonder when you'll come to me?
I can't hardly wait to see you my friend.

how I wish you were with me now,
my friend my heart so sad I need you now.

You call me and I ask,
"When will you be home?"
"Soon enough my friend," you said.
And then we say our good bye's again.

My friend your so very far apart.
I miss you, how could I ever let you go?

My friend,
we're millions miles away
I'll wait for you as night waits for day.
My thoughts are always with you
even your so very far away.

My friend I'll still wait for you...
and if you ever change your mind
I still, I will wait for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Why I can't love the person I love?
When I'm also capable of loving
Why do I have to suffer so much pain
sacrifice my feelings just to set you free.

I have always been there for you
not because you asked me to
My feelings for you is an endless love
But why can't you notice it even just for a single day

For all the pain He made to make you cry
I'm the one who comforts you every single night
my broken heart wished you will never part
still I'm waiting to notice my weeping heart

now that you're gone, my hope burried with loneliness
now that you're gone, my world filled with sadness
what hurts most is that nobody left
my life now is nothing but an infinite grief
lost in the vast abysses of space and time

Sunday, March 04, 2007

some people...

People tend to dismiss me for a lot of things coz im a different person from someone else's eyes; either im a snob, evasive or just a wolf in sheeps clothing. I guess you just have to dig deep to know my principles and ideals and see for yourself. There are people I enjoy having meaningless conversations with, but people who delve deep are rewarded with my trust and loyalty. I'm a bitchy-bastardy kind of friend coz sometimes I ask simple things in complicated ways, but I'm very sincere and quite sentimental to those I consider as a true friend (and I expect the same from anyone i call friend). I don't feel the need to sell my personality to live up to peoples expectations. I had my fair share of detractors (ganon talaga pag medjo maapeal -- you get loads of attention, course, I don't expect that they could relate and I don't expect everybody to like me. ^_^)
I know they should be treated with patience and understanding and all, but sorry, not from me. xenxa na, I don't work well with quidnuncs and their below sea-level personalities.

God bless them na lang. Im no longer a bibliophile, or maybe I'm not as spontaneous as I used to be, but do stick around -- I might actually say something good from time to time. ^_^..