Friday, March 30, 2007

Is this Love...

Lately I'm having trouble defining the feelings I have here inside..

I think I need more time to think it over if its Love.

If its really love,


is this the reason why I don't have decent sleep and it's been a weeks already.

I wanna know why?

I'm craving to see you more often,

I'm longing to kiss your lips,

I'm dying to hug you tight.

I need you here beside me.

Is it Love? Is this Love?

Please tell me.. I wanna know...


iskoo said...

you need to see her quite often para malaman ko kung love na nga ito. what you feel is great, you deserve to be happy.

kneeko said...

yeh tama si iskoo hehehe

ralphT said...

i 'third' the motion. lol ;)

Anonymous said...

I 'fourth' the motion. Haha.

yah.. I can't easily conclude that it's love that you're feeling. Pero u got the 'symptoms' of being one.

almaritchel said...

oi, inlove ka? kinsa siya? btw, ala na lagi ka update update blog? mustamos naman ka?