Thursday, March 22, 2007

to my friend pyem

I wonder if your thinking of me now?
My friend and I are so far apart.
I wonder when you'll come to me?
I can't hardly wait to see you my friend.

how I wish you were with me now,
my friend my heart so sad I need you now.

You call me and I ask,
"When will you be home?"
"Soon enough my friend," you said.
And then we say our good bye's again.

My friend your so very far apart.
I miss you, how could I ever let you go?

My friend,
we're millions miles away
I'll wait for you as night waits for day.
My thoughts are always with you
even your so very far away.

My friend I'll still wait for you...
and if you ever change your mind
I still, I will wait for you.

1 comment:

hugh said...

musta ka na?
di ka na nagpaparamdam ah.