Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Why I can't love the person I love?
When I'm also capable of loving
Why do I have to suffer so much pain
sacrifice my feelings just to set you free.

I have always been there for you
not because you asked me to
My feelings for you is an endless love
But why can't you notice it even just for a single day

For all the pain He made to make you cry
I'm the one who comforts you every single night
my broken heart wished you will never part
still I'm waiting to notice my weeping heart

now that you're gone, my hope burried with loneliness
now that you're gone, my world filled with sadness
what hurts most is that nobody left
my life now is nothing but an infinite grief
lost in the vast abysses of space and time


Roland said...

i can feel you...

Anonymous said...

tol.. don't expect anything. Just hope that she would someday notice you. I know she will.

just keep doing what you know is right and everything else will follow.