Thursday, February 19, 2009

leave me alone!!!

I don't FEEL
the NEED
sobrang badtrip ako and i wish i could tell you this stuff. . . my apology for the curse, for the word guys... i just can't find the perfpect word para sa good friend ko who happend to be my best enemy NOW.

i felt good na.. nailabas ko na galit ko, buti na lang naisulat ko, ayaw kung sumigaw nakakahiya... i never felt so much anger before.. ngayon lang...

*peace out*


Chyng said...

ay, may kaaway! uso yan. i mean mawawala din galit mo.

lucas said...

wow...galit ka nga! hehehe! it really sucks when a friend turns out to be a foe.

tama ka, mate :) happiness is indeed a choice. and it does not do well to worry about the future for it has worries of its own.

ok lang, mate. busy ka yata eh..hehehe!

Jez said...

gravacious, ramdam na ramdam ko galit mo ahhhh...hihihi

dont wori, all bad things eventually would end. tsaka tama yang nilalabas mo, para hindi ka tumanda kaagad..heheh

tagay mo nga....

_ice_ said...

@chyng - oo may kaaway ako.. badtrip.. you thought na good friend mo sya, all this time pala gago sya.

@ron - busy nga me ron, kaka tekken.. lagi me sa sm para mag tekken heheeh

@jez - tnx sis.. cge ako na.. gusto ko maglasing hahahah.. oo nga all bad things eventually end pero a new thing will come. hahaha

Blacksoul said...

I have no idea what he did to you but violence helps.Sapakin mo.It doesnt reslove the issue pero it helps