Thursday, January 18, 2007

how's life after 2006...

After 2006, I decided to leave all those hatred, grudge that i kept inside and forgive those people who cause these feelings. I wanted to have a smooth flow of life, living it to the fullest but I just can't seem to figure it out why still there are some guys like to dumb people. I don't wanna make trouble as much as possible I avoid them, I don't want to show my wrath and the other side of me.

Lately I tried to ignore bad things, people who doesn't like me, anyway I don't expect everybody to like me, I don't have even a single penny to sacrifice for them to like me. I don't give a damn.
I live my life as much as I wanted to without hurting anybody's feeling. Right now I'm happy, like really really happy.

Happiness comes from with-in and not from some else.

I'd like to grab the opportunity of thanking everybody for being a part my life.

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Anonymous said...

tol! kumusta po?

Happiness can come from anyone who has love in their hearts. In this case, when you're happy and really happy about something, you tend to affect others..