Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reminiscing Love...

I walked beneath the stars last night
The moon was full and shining bright
The breeze blew softly through the trees
And from my heart came the memories
Of a love I knew so long ago
It brought an ache to my heart to know
That you are gone

your arms around me held me tight
As I stood wrapped in your love that nigh
your lips on mine, our bodies press'd
So close together, so much in love
No one could say it was wrong or right
By mortal man or in God's sight
Now that your gone

I walk alone with all my dreams
My way of life or so it seems
I walk along in the moonlit night
And view the past with shadowed sight
Not always just the way it's seen
But mostly how it might have been -
if you were not gone.

1 comment:

Emmie said...

That was wonderfully written.I feeling so genuine and true and something which many of us can identify with, but may be not express so wonderfully as you did. Do peep into Love blog and see if there is something in it for you too.Emmie.