Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Love at First sight?

How is it possible to feel so much for a stranger? For a person that you’ve just met? Is that how powerful love is?

Is there such a thing as LOVE at FIRST SIGHT? The question that everyone ask when they feel it when they laid their eyes to that person, just like me, when I saw her.

It was all started in citi, a simple hi and hello never thought it would create a feelings in my heart, something that you just can’t explain and started asking your self, is it love?

Everyday my feeling gets stronger that I would love to go to work just to see her, just to complete my day, I made a lot of sales just for her to notice me but later on I realize at the end of the day someone owned her love, someone already fill the special place in her heart, the love I wished I would have. (sigh)

so sad that I couldnt even told her how much I feel for her,
so sad that all I could do is just turn away and hide this feelings
so sad that she is about to get married.

Even in simple things like this I could convey to you, I’m thankful that for one in my life, I never thought I had fallen in love- and its love at first sight.


Anonymous said...


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Ely said...

ako, naniniwala din sa love at first sight.

Rendezvous said...

Wow! may blog sponsorship ka na! Go na! about sa love at first sight naman, naniniwala din ako dun dahil hindi naman utak ang pinapairal dun eh kundi puso. there's something unexplained feeling na di mo alam kung anu dahilan.