Monday, November 10, 2008


that day, my heart collapsed but I'm not telling you that,
even if i scream how painful it is, these unforgettable memories
will not change the way i live my life,
i still can't see changes, still darkness flowing into my body and soul
i still can't see the sunshine that makes my day one of a kind
so, I'll still feel depressed tomorrow...

and now.. what will i do?


Chyng said...

...that too shall pass..

Fjordan Allego said...

hayz! buntong hininga!! hayz! grabe ang emosyon!!

bena said...

grabe na jud ni ice! btw, were you the one who made this?.. ask ko lng poh.. :)

Rio said...

let go mo na yung painful memories para maka move on ka na..
life is beautiful,ice..sayang naman kung nabubuhay ka sa pain and regrets..

the donG said...

dont forget to value the good things that you have or have experienced. sometimes small things can bring out even the simplest smiles yet it heals the mind and the heart. - masyado na tuloy akong seryoso.

hakuna matata

Jez said...

hey, relax....look at the bright side. life is beautiful afterall.

abe mulong caracas said...

ngayon lang napadaan...ang emo pala hehe