Wednesday, August 05, 2009

i don't know how to say it..

its not about thinking what you should do or anything, its just following yourheart in something you want to do.

Have a little faith in something you want in life, no matter what it is. Just believe in it, dont let anyone or any thing stop you from that.

You may not know this but i do, i try to say Hi but the words dont come out of my mouth, so i stand there and walk away disapointed in myself cause i can't say anything to you.

I start to feel like a fool but you clearly dont see that. i ask this one question, if im trying to do that, why aren't you saying anything?

Are you noticing what im trying to do or do you just not pay attention?

Thinking of those words hurt inside but what can i do when every day i try to but i feel akward or just foolish to even do anything so as i lay there and start to not have faith at all,

i ignore what's going on and i just do my thing.
Its the only thing that will keep me from getting hurt and feeling retarted for trying to open my heart to you.


Chyng said...

hello! how are you?

lucas said...

musta na, ice???