Friday, May 14, 2010

What's your plan?

A goal without a plan is just a wish. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Enrico – He’s cool, witty and intelligent, simply Smart, Simply amazing. This guy threw a question to me during training that made me pause and think after the end of the day,even right now while writing these stuff.

He asked me “What’s your plan?” I told him to become TL.

But the big question there was;

What have you been doing for the past years to achieve your goal? WOW!@#$

I’m a kind of person always looking at the big picture, this is what I want to be, but I haven’t done anything to get to my way there. I’m just there looking I’m not zooming the big picture for me to be able see the details. It’s simply upset me because time is fleeting.

I’m 28 but look at me nothing has changed, I’m still me.

I realized that you need to have plan; a life plan and I deemed it necessary. You should know where and who you want to be by following your plan, you need to know so you may not end up wasting your time.

You have to be very focus in doing and achieving your plans otherwise the effort and attention that you spent will just spread too thin and achieve nothing. See the patterns like looking back in the past it will help you find out where you should go, connect them all and project them into the future.

You have to be more persistent in each and every day of our life, because failure is inevitable in our way; you have to keep pushing yourself forward and have faith.

I once was lost so thank you Enrico for reminding me again, I almost forgot who I wanted to be.

I will start now.


Herbs D. said...

its never too late. everybody just goes through life at different paces. dont worry, i know you'll get there.

Lawstude said...

aw. this one struck the he** out of me. i just resigned from work and will try to find my luck in the big metropolis. my june will be filled with job interviews and surely, one of the questions that will be asked of me is "what is your plan". gotta think of a winning answer now.

fiel-kun said...

Aww same here... I haven't planned my future yet >_<

Anonymous said...

"What have you been doing for the past years to achieve your goal?''

i do have lots of plans. But if u'll be asking me that same question, I havent figured that out just yet.. Isa pa di ko rin alam umpisahan.. Having achieve nothing in the past year feels terrible..

Now that we're in the same position.. hehe.. Well, let's start now.. Good idea. Or else goals wont be achieve even if u have a plan but don't act on it..^_^

Cheers for sharing this..

maelfatalis said...

Good job! Tandaan mo na ang edad ay isa lamang numero. Kung sa tingin mo ay hindi ka pa emotionally matured, ok lang yan. Enjoyin mo ang kung anong meron ka. ANg oras ay hindi man mababalik, peo maaari mo naman itong ienjoy. :)

david said...

yay! 28 din ako and turning 29 sa Monday. arrrgggggh!

MartinTC said...

ano nga ba ang ginawa ko sa loob ng anim na taong pagtatrabaho sa call center?

akala mo lang wala! pero meron! meron! meron!


actually, hindi ko nga alam kung bakit agent pa rin ako hanggang ngayon. hehheheheh!