Saturday, June 24, 2006

Irony of Love

How i wish i could kiss you like you did to others, I'm not like him nor other person. But wishing to be like a person who i never wanted to be. My heart beating am to fears. My tears want to fall but not for my sorrow. My mind want to say goodbye but my eyes wont close and yet leave the word hello. My feet want to walk while my hair want to run. My nose want to leave a mark while my fingerstips unmark.

Fall the truth and hug the lie pretend like a priest and believe like a saint. Worship the evil and marry with the angels, swim in the fire and feel the cold water flows in your vein. Listen to silent and die into peace. Fly to the land and climb the sky. Twit like a bee and buzz, like a bird live the sky but don't ever leave the trees.

Feel the wind on the outerspace and live with planets. Say ytou hi to the blackhole within and learnedthe fatal truth and yet pain is in love while happiness is waiting to be not be love.


Anonymous said...

Wow! grabe ang message ha..

jona said...

ei your blog seem to be 'emotional' :-)..