Sunday, August 13, 2006

to my best friend.. (nickel)

Take my hand, come away with me
and i'll take you away from all this.
We will runaway together my friends
for there is nothing here to miss.
In this world where everything seems uncertain
i know what your are thinking.
I know your every urge.
The innocence I see in you will disappear As the day fade..
So look into my eyes
and see that everything will be alright.
when it rains, when you are down,
when its cold,
when it seems I'm not around,
just remember I love you...


jef said...

Great poem...

Lucky guy to have a friend like you!

Anonymous said...

kuya, I like the pic attached to it.

do you paint?

Jerome Daclison said...

i suddenly missed my best friend. i can't say that we drifted apart but we haven't been spending as much time as we did together. when he got married, priorities really changed. but i would like to think that i'm still there with him eventhoug we are not physically present to see each other go through life. thanks for this, pards. have a great week ahead of you... :-)

_ice_ said...

@jef he was lucky to have me
@naivete i dont paint, thats my frustreation
@jerome i miss him but he doesn't miss me, it doesn't mean he hate me, its just that he doesn't want to see me anymore.. he's bullshit!!! God knows i didn't do anything wrong to him.

Anonymous said...

Nice, nice! poet talaga...basta poet raba atikon! ghehehehehehe

_ice_ said...

@alma hahahahaha *sigh* dili jud ko naga atik og tao alms serioso man ko.. kaya emotional me.. nagagalit na nga baby ko eh, buti pa raw ang blog inaasikaso ko pero sya bihira lng hehehehe
nice to hear from you again