Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Lately sobrang saya ko.. ganito ba talaga, after na maging happy ka ganun na lang kalungkot ang kapalit,

is this the prize of being happy?

the sorrow, the pain, the fear of the unknown future somehow eat me alive, and the loneliness is breaking my heart so bad..

i wanna commit suicide leaving the world behind,

I can live this sadness no longer,

"If I ever commit suicide,
Would you care that I died?
Would you cry and ask yourself why
You didn't get a chance to say good-bye?
Would you even come to my funeral
Dressed in black and filled with sorrow?
Please tell me now of how you feel,
So that I may still live and begin to heal."


Chyng said...

Hello Ice! That is called SEASON. Di pwede laging masaya, else di mo ma-aappreciate ang beauty of life pag di mo naraeansan ang opposite dba? Ok lang yan! ;)

Fjordan Allego said...

wag ganun. tama yung sabi ni CHYNG. may season kasi. may panahon para maging masaya at maging malungkot. Wag mo na lang masyadong iacknowledge na malungkot ka para hindi maset yung mood na malungkot ka nga.

the donG said...

let's do it together. hehehe... just kidding. maybe you need to take time solo and move forward.

hope things will get better.

lucas said...

Oh man...

hindi ko alam kung anong real score for you thinking that way...but i think you know the right thing to do.

Just hang in there and keep the faith.

Transformer said...

icare.... :D

"time to weep, time to laugh," says Qoheleth. There's always a time for everything....

blacksoul said...

Were young and hot,Why commit suicide