Monday, November 23, 2009

Art of letting go

I really appreciate those times that we've shared together. Since i've got you, I realize to myself how important you are to me in my daily life because I miss all the cherish moments we used to do when your still with me, even for just a few weeks.

There was a time that I enjoy being by myself but theirs still a missing pieces a part in me that no one can ever replace in that position & it's only "you".

if I've been given a chance to change to live again and then I would choose you, i would choose you to be with me for the rest of my life,

Im here to love you & and to be loved by you.
there haven't times that i think of the precious times that we shared.

I remember one day i called you up, after the birthday party, i was gonna invite you to watch a movie "New Moon" and have dinner in Good earth, I was fucking excited to see and and be with you again.

but when you answered the phone,

you said "mamaya na lang"

without even telling me why? so i said ok!!!

i said to myself maybe you were just busy then,

I texted you "san ka ba? anong ginagawa mo?

you replied "photocopying, photoshoot with my classmate, txt you later"

then i replied "ok..just text me wen ur done.. ok?"

later at around 8:30pm we decided to meet, i mean i insist that we should meet because of the text i received from you that tells;

"sweetie, i cant do this anymore, im sorry, i'll miss you"

Tang***, what are you saying, para akong gago sa mrt, di ko mapigilang umiyak, pinipigilan ko, nangingiwi ng bibig ko dahil sasabog na ang luha ko, pero i tried pa rin to calm down, i texted you,

"what do u mean i can't do this anymore? then you replied

"the relationship, i cant it hurts, im sorry i've been one bad person, my conscience is eating me up, sorry if i can't do this in person".

dumating ako sa place and then started to ask you why? right then and there you broke up with me, ang masakit pa dun, nagsisinungaling ka, nung tumawag pala ako, you and your friends watched New Moon, yong Housemate ko nagtatampo sa akin dahil dati pa balak na namin manood ng new moon pero i said No to her because im gonna watch it together with you, because right after nating manood ng New Moon we're gonna have dinner, at yon yong plano natin dba? and i was gonna tell you, iwas gonna surprise you that i will be spending christmas here sa manila, that im gonna spending christmas with YOU, but because you're breaking up with me hindi na sya mangyayari,

Nasasaktan ako.. sobra.. hindi mo lang alam.. pero its ok.. you were just 17 yrs old, madaling magbago ang isip. naiintindihan kita, and i realize now kung ganu ka importante ang age when it comes to relationship.

I miss you and i'll never forget you, kahit papano minahal kita ng totoo.


Anonymous said...


its not about age.. i think hindi kayo para sa isat isa.. pero sayang ganda ng plano mo para sa kanya..

sya ba yong taong tinutukoy mo sa previous post mo?

tnx janzee

Anonymous said...

it still makes me cry everytime i remember it...& as i read it now, i wouldn't cry in front of you if i didnt love you that much either.

i love you, and i want you to always remember that.

-you know me, my writing speaks for itself. tell me when youre going to leave. i'd love to have you spend your last night with me, kung pwede.

_ice_ said...

@janzee - hey musta its been awhile.. yah sya nga yong taong tinutukoy ko sa previous post ko..

sabi nga nila someone is there waiting for you that is willing to spend their life for the rest of your life..

_ice_ said...

@babe - nanghihinayang ako babe, i really want to spend chsirtmas with you, and alam mo naman kung gaano kita kamahal dba?

remember, i wouldn't be here if i didn't love you..

i'll let you know kung kelan flight ko,

thecurioscat said...

ganun, without explaination? that sucks big time. I know how you must be feeling right now. try mo kayanin for your own sake.

Anonymous said...

Oh my... I feel you, man.

"Move on" is easier said than done pero yan ang best option mo sa ngayon. Don't worry, sonner or later, mahahanap mo rin yung tao na gustong makasama ka sa Christmas at gustong makasama ka sa kahit anong palabas sa sine.

Smile. Peace.

_ice_ said...

@thecurioscat- well meron naman pero napaka lame ng excuses pero oki na naman kami eh

_ice_ said...

@m2mtripper - yah God has always a plan for us.. tnx for dropping by

_ice_ said...
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Chyng said...

that's just life.
tuloy pa din ang Pasko! (--,)

Jez said...

kumustasas? seems love hurts?
why? kwentuhan mo ako, hindi tayo nagpapang-abot sa online...
well, hope everything is okei with you now..

ur flying where?

Anonymous said...

I could only imagine the pain ur going through pero hindi naman pwedeng ipilit kung ayaw na nya.. And u know what, it's good na ganun ang nangyari kaysa kung mas nagtagal kayo ay lalo kang masasaktan...

Always look at the bright side of life. Swerte ka pa rin kasi you have the ability to love. And u had cherished memories with her. Someday you will find someone for you.

Let go of her, if she's really meant for you, she will be back, if not, she's not meant for you in the first place...

Anonymous said...

Oo ice tga-CDO ko oi pero naa mis US ron... Dghan ko amiga dhas Butuan bah... Ayo-ayu dha... Salamat sa bisita...

章魚燒Steven said...