Sunday, May 07, 2006

Are you really in-love?

Are You In Love?Are you proud because you’ve got the cutest guy in school and you’re eager to show him off to the crowd?It isn’t love. It’s LUCK…You can’t avoid your eyes off to him, am I right?It isn’t love. It’s ATTRACTION…Does your heart belong to him because he makes it skip a beat?It isn’t love. It’s INFATUATION…Do you want him coz you know he is there for you or is he there?It isn’t love. It’s LONELINESS…Do you stay for his confession coz you don’t want him to be hurt?It isn’t love, it’s PITY…Are you there for him because you want him?It isn’t love, it’s LOYALTY…Do you pardon his faults coz you care about him?It isn’t love, it’s FRIENDSHIP…Do you stick to him coz he had kissed you?It isn’t love, it’s FEAR…Are you willing to give up everything? All your favorite things for his sake?It isn’t love, it’s CHARITY…Do you cry for the pain even if you’re strong enough?It isn’t love, it’s UNFAIRNESS…Does your heart ache when you’re sad; is he there to hold you close?It isn’t love, it’s INJUSTICE….You may be attracted to others but you remain faithful to him without regret.Would you give your heart, soul and mind?Would you rather die for him?

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