Sunday, May 07, 2006

Is it love?

I made this page to tell you guys how serious i am when it comes to love its just that i can't stop thinking of my baby, I really feel great everytime when we're together though sometimes we find ourselves always shouting and kicking. But you know what, i tell you i never thought love struck me that way, i never imagine life will give me such happiness and things like this it would be truly euphoric experience. I may not fully grasp each situation or the real meaning of Love but all i know life is nothing without my baby, because you are my life.

Im sure you are familiar with this lines "and i always need you, and if you ever change your mind I'll still I will love you" what a beautiful line, isn't it? how would you feel if the person you are with right now is the person that makes your world go round, that gives meaning to every smile you give to the people around you.

Tell me, Is it Love?

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