Thursday, September 21, 2006

i hate the world today... bullshittt...

It was around 6:00 in the morning when I arrived at the house from work, tired and very sleepy I saw my baby girl sleeping so I didn't wake her up, when I laid down, I heard her phone beep and someone send her a message. Its not really my intention to read that message and I don't pay too much attention to her phone because I trust her and I have faith in her.

When accidentally I press the OK to open the message, it was a number only, no names and what shocked me is that the messgae goes like this "mahal galit ka ba?" and 1 text came then i opened it same number that says "mahal may pasok ka ba, aga mong nag txt ah" Tang ina ano to lokohan.. after all.. now i realized she was cheating on me since naging kami. putchak naman to.. may pacelebrate pa kami ng 1 yr anniversary. I hurriedly wake her up and ask her about the text, she can't explain.. ito na nahuli na....

Guys i really don't know what to do. Do I have to listen to her explaination or break her up.
I need your help pls... im so down.. badtrip, parang gusto kong pumatay ng tao...


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late response. I was kinda busy these past days...out of town till now.

Dude, I understand how you feel. Cheating is a no win situation.

Honestly, I don't know what to say. Just believe in ur instincts though and don't let yourself be a doormat. If it means to LET GO...then so be it.

Sayang ang pagmamahal pag di naibigay sa nararapat na tao.

Hope you will sort it out.

God bless

~jef (justthinkingaloud)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have read your message in my shoutbox kanina when i happened to check my blog. Kaso lang di ako nakapagcomment ka agad kasi nagmamadali ako papunta sa school.

I don't know kung gaano mo talaga siya kamahal pero i think the right thing to do is to talk with her and ask her.

Then start from there. You will know or feel naman inside if she is cheating on you.

Kung nagcheat talaga, hanap kana lang siguro ng iba...kasi she is not worthy of your love.

Oi, relaks ka lang diyan ha. Dami mo pang mameet na women that worthy para sa iyo.

Ingat palagi and palagi kang magdasal!

God bless...

Gregg D'Bully said...

Omegosh! That's how i caught my felandering e! Through text while he sleeps. Well, I didn't have to ask for explanations and he knew what to do. There would be more hurts to find out the truth while emotions are high. So that night, the parting was cordial. I was so proud of myself for not dowsing him with boiling water. Ikaw, kaya mo bang tiisin pa yan. It's called prima facie, a primary evidence. It speaks for itself. Like catching the murderer stabbing his victim.

You may want to forgive her (that's her privilege), or you can dump her (that's your privilege). In my case, I took my privilege kasi may mga precedents na ang pagiging felanderer ng ex ko. Ikaw, kilala mo na sya ngayon. And after those texts, mas kilala mo na sya lalo.

Good luck.

bananas said...

I wish I was reading a joke. I know exactly what it feels to be cheated...and to lose someone you really love. It's like losing yourself that all you want to do is to--as you've said it--kill.

No, i am not saying that you go grab a rifle, go berserk, and kill everyone that crosses ur way.

The most admirable thing to do is to stay calm. Keep your cool. Talk to yourself. And later, if you are ready and she is ready too, talk to her.

Levelling off is very important here. It's all in the hypothalamus man. Stop being emotional although I know that to be emotional is inevitable here.

Then, both of you agree. Breaking up is looming, I know. But, would it help? If it would, go. Give her a rest. Give urself a rest.

But sometimes, we can't let go of someone because there is one remaining reason for us not to give up on that person--that is love.

And love is about giving chances. And making love again. And crying. And being in pain. And being happy.

Despite everything.

Lani said...

I got your blog's link through Jerome's blog.

I read your problem, and I feel for you. It's really hard to accept this kind of thing.

You should give yourself time to think things over. You two need to communicate, to talk. Let her explain, and tell her side.

If you will ask me, I can't tolerate philandering. I think mapababae or lalake pa ang gumawa nito, pareho mararamdaman. It is very painful to be cheated. But iba-iba tayo ng thinking. Base your decision from your conversation with her. Maaaring mahal na mahal mo siya and kaya mong magpatawad pero kung siya na pala ang nagbabago ang damdamin sa iyo, siguro it's better to let her go. Move on with your life. True and honest love will find your way, I'm so sure of that.

pauL said...

this comment is too late pero i hope it will help you... chill lang muna bro... talk to her in a calm manner... explain mo muna kung pano mo nabuking then ask her the big question WHY...

next to that... uhm, hindi ko na alam... just try to be calm as much as possible... kaya mo yan!

bananas said...

linked u up...

Fiel said...


Before you do anything harsh, listen to her explanation first... just try to relax and talk to her in a manly manners... baka naman may ibang reasons pa behind it, right?

Take a deep breathe... alalahanin mo yung little daughter nyo ^_^

You can do it!

Anonymous said...

ice, puwede ba maghingi ng email add mo iyong sa yahoo ha???

Jerome aka Bridget Jones said...

anong calm-calm??? sapakin mo na! hahahahha! joke lang. ang lahat ay napag-uusapan, kapatid.

Nostalgia Manila said...

Feeling nostalgic? Get your dose of REAL nostalgia!

Ano pang hinihintay mo? Tayo na!

Maraming salamat!

_ice_ said...

guys.. thanx for everything...for the help..

jeff- i know i can count on you...

alma- tnx for being there

gregg- tnx for understanding me

Banana/lani- i can't let her go, how are you going to let go of someone who makes you heart smile?

Paul- Thank you, buti naalala kita sinabi mo na "just try to be calm" kasi muntik na me magwala

fiel- dude thank you...

jer- mabait naman ako heheheh

sn0w_princess said...

Aww, that hurts. I wouldn't know know what to do if that happens to me.

If I were you, I'll just break up with her. But it's still up to you. It depends on how much you love her and how much you're willing to take the risk of possibly getting hurt again.

Anonymous said...

patayin mo na .... ang cellphone i mean! tapos matulog na kayo!