Saturday, September 30, 2006

this time i'll be sweeter.....

I just wanna say Thank you to those poeple who helped me and shared their thoughts. It was really hard for me to face reality. We've already talked about what had happend and we fogive each other and I know that I also have my shortcomings.

Funny to say but we're back in each others arms again hahaha and that's what makes me happy when I'm with someone whom I love most. Nothing can compare the happiness she gave to me. She makes my heart smile and she's the only person, the only reason that makes my life go round and round.

She texted me while writing this entry:

" and if you ever change your mind I still,
I will love you "
Hayyy Sarap mabuhay when someone loves you.... I love you baby...

To: Dennis,Alma, Jeff, Jer, Gregg, Paul, Banana, lani, fiel and to everybody who shared their thoughts A big Thank you.. I know my blog seems to be emotional but then I love sharing or asking help to anybody who doesn't know me. Thanks for being there pals.. *hugs*

If I Believe
By: Patti Austin
If I believed in paradise I'd swear I must be there
I'd swear I must be there right now with you
If I believed in miracles I'd know that one was happening to me
But if I don't believe in paradise
Then miracles aren't real
Then someone tell me what is this I feel
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
But with you I can't deny
if I believed in paradise
I'd swear I'm there
If I believed in magic spells
It all would be so clear
'Cause magic spells must have brought you here
If I could see the future
I'd see if you and I were meant to be
But I dont know any magic
And tomorrow's just a dream
But something in this fantasy is real
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
I wanna believe it's love this time
I wanna believe my heart's not telling me a lie
But with you I cant deny
If I believed in paradise I'd swear I'm there
I'm there
I'm there
If I believed.


Lani said...

You're welcome, Ice.

Love understands. Yes, I agree you have your shortcomings, too. Nobody's perfect, pal. Always remember that as long as there is love, nothing is impossible.

Be happy.

Alma Ritchel said...

Naks ha! Starring ko, salamat ha. Well, ana jud na siyang gugma. I am so happy for you. Well! continue lang iyan ha...

Btw, i lost my blogs. Got a new blog now: check it out and then edit now your blogrolls. Here it is:

Also, ask ko ulit ang Yahoo ID mo beh...Love you my friend!

Fiel said...

Ice, Ice, Ice...

See? Wala naman hindi nareresolba sa mabuting usapan right? I'm glad na ok na kayong dalawa. ^_^

Hope you're family is ok nitong nagdaan na bagyo.

Have a nice weekend dude!

pauL said...

easy lang ulit bro... easy lang... nagulat kasi ako pagopen ko ng blog ko sunod sunod na 'thank you! thank you!' hehehehe... isa lang masasabi ko... "ANYTIME BRO!"...

good that it end up well... i'll link you up na...

God bless!

kneeko said...

ayos... nagkabalikan kau..

bananas said...

i bet nagkaiyakan...pagkatapos ng iyakan, anong nangyari?

_ice_ said...

hahaha anong ngyari after.. secret.. di nagsimba kami.. ask for guidance.. tsaka... alam nyo na...