Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tinge of Hope...

Lately I've been fighting things, fixing problems and rediscovering Hope. It was too lazy for me to make my life more exciting. I went to church prayed for my family and for everyone around me. Day after, it seems like things were getting worsted and I feel like quitting, ending my life with a sharp knife, I don't wanna suffer or bothered with problems. I don't wanna be loaded with trials. Life seems too unfair, why some people live their life so much great and everything is given.

Yesterday a friend of mine texted and invited me to have dinner in his place, when I arrived he approaced me and went to have dinner, at the middle of coversation,

he ask me if Hows my life, I said "hmmm everything is doing well"

he said " No you're not ok and whats with the hmmm"

I really didnt know why some people can read my mind and tell you some surprising idea, and you know what, he even insist. I didn't confirm to him the whole things, but he proved that everything he said is true.

When I'm about to leave he told me "There's still Hope" just have faith to God and he hugged me and when I arrived in my place its like that somebody took my burdens in my heart. "smile"

I believe that God won't answer your prayers right away.

He will going to use someone like your friends, strangers or anybody in this world as instrument to whoever need His help.


Tea said...

i believe that you'll get through everything that you're going through right now.

Anonymous said...

Nakakalungkot. Sana okay ka lang diyan. Pagsubok lang iyan. When these things happen, God is just testing you. Continue to anchor in him.

Relaks ka lang...

Gregg D'Bully said...

alam mo kasi Owen masyado kang tahimik in person. Although madaldal ka naman dito sa blog mo. madali talaga panghinalaan ang mga taong tahimik.

kendi said...

We always ask if there's till hope left, or if there's still time. But we never realize that hope only leaves when we doubt it, and time only runs out the moment we give up.