Saturday, September 20, 2008

Leaving you soon

Now things are not what they used to be, still waiting, hoping for us to be together, How stupid am I..
I am not really looking at the big picture, I guess we're not really meant for each other,

too much for hoping, wishing... enough is enough. we have to put an end to this love we thought no one would dare to destroy..

So I will make this last reminsce, for I will leave it all behind, finding a place to unwind, hoping things will be fine, It's time for me to release you in my heart, 3yrs of hoping, I guess it's enough.

So I have to face this world alone for now., til' someone fills the emptiness inside my heart of love, joy and everlasting love, and make her the one, I could tell my unbroken vow.

Leaving you soon , it is better that way, for you are fine in your life with him anyway.
I will continue on with my life without you, I know there's someone special in waiting for me too,
I'm just glad that you are making a progress with your life... I will too..


RONeiluke, RN said...

that's the spirit... keep the good memories and cast away the rest that could hold you back from what you want to do :) moving on is not easy but clearly your making that BIG first step...

you have made you decision.

peace out! gosh! dalawa pa la ang sites mo!

-klow- said...

yeah..that's life..

it's ok to be single for a while but of course you doesn't deserve to be alone forever..

be mad, sad, miss, just be yourself and hope that you meet that someone who deserve everything in your heart..

Lawstude said...

wala ako masabi. it better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all. ang mushy no?

sorry for not visiting sooner, i am still in my vacation in boracay and it is partly raining here so i got a chance to do some blogging. be back browsing in a jiffy. have a nice day.

Chyng said...

move on but never move away..

Ely said...

hmmm. been there and i'm glad its over. you'll be ok.

Jez said...

im glad nakapag decision kna. time is too short so kailangan i-enjoy mo. maraming fish sa dagat remember ang ration 1 lalaki -10 babae. hehehehe,,,,nandito naman kami eh.....hehehe

i miss you too brother!!!!!
nagkasakit kasi ako kaya tinamad akong magbukas ng cp. but im back!!!! :)

see you around

the donG said...

kahanga hanga ang mga tulad mo. the best decisions are something that gives you peace and not offending others.

Rio said...

minsan talga mas ok mag let go kaysa sa mag hold on sa mga bagay na alam mong wala ng patutunguhan. galing mo!

sana makita mo na din ang para sa iyo=)

beero said...

naks! nakakaiyak naman to. hehe. well-written pare.

Lance said...

nice! galing nito.. although ang emo.. ang sakit minsan pero we eventually need to move on..
"all things come together for good", God promised that... Goodluck, mate...

Roland said...

finally!!! been waiting to hear that from you. i'm happy for you.

natuwa ako sa comment mo sa blog ko. sige pare bibigyan kita ng pagkakataon para mabura yung "impression" na ibinigay sa ken sa kababayan mo. hehe, intayin ko ang pagpapakilala mo saken.