Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lesson afterwards...

Lately, its been so hard for me to go on with my life, though I know its over. I just realized that being single is not about being alone, its not that you don't have somebody but its about making a definite and correct decisions after all you've gone through and I always bear that in my mind every time I fell into a melancholy mood.

wow!!! I never thought that I got this stupid and one sided feelings over... cheers!

One thing I've learned was that "never beg someone to stay beside you against their will" and thats so true. When we say love, it should be two people or both party feel the same way,

and its not one sided love affair, and if that's the situation, Let go! don't expect that things will be alright,
you kno why? kasi: anong ipaglalaban mo? isang pag-ibig na ikaw lang ang nakadama?

will you able to give everything to her for the sake of love? I know everyone will do just to let them stay.

what if she ask you about "Letting go" will you grant that simple thing?

I guess what we really need is that, we don't need to give 100% of our love to them, I think 50-50 is enough I mean 50% for her 50 % for your self, so that when love fail, you can easily pick yourself up from resentment, although your heart is shattered but still complete.

"we pass this way but only once therefore any good thing that we can do and any kindness that we can show lets do it now for we shall not pass this way again"


Lance said...

that's learning the ART OF LETTING GO.. hahha move on Pare!
there's more to life than we could ever imagine..
one day, katrina halili will come knocking on your door begging for your love.. sinusumpa ko yan para sau, dude.. =)

chyng said...

grabe wala ko nasabe.. i always believe in FREE WILL. ayko tlga ng pilitan kahit smallest details.

tama si lance, wait for katrina.. ;)

the donG said...

let go. let go. forgive and forget.

_ice_ said...

yah.. actually ok na naman..

ito lang yong mga bagay bagay na natutunan ko after all.

its nice to have you guys around tnx.. really appreciate it..

@lance.. katrina? shes nice but she's not my bet, i'll go for nadine samonte.. wahhhhh

_ice_ said...

@chyng.. musta.. musta ang basyon natin jan.. oo nga chyng tama ka.. free will ingat lagi

@kuya dong - tagal na kuya dong na let go ko na sya masya na sya... forgive oo naman.. forget i don't think so cguro kahit papano naging bahagi sya sa buhay ko, salamat sa pagtawid mo dito sa blog ko tnx po

Lawstude said...

bro, take away the bitter ones and reminisce the good that it has brought you. let go and live on. life is short.

R-yo said...

50/50? that's a dangerous state of things. konting pabigat lang isa, taob na. I guess someone has to love the other more para me suporta pagdating ng unos. :-)

RONeiluke, RN said...

ui, tinanong mo ako dun sa comment mo dun sa post ni 'anghel na walang langit' na 'bisaya ka ba?'... well, naoffend yata kita but that i didn't mean to undermine your ethnic group in anyway. i don't see any reason to defend myself on something i don't completely understand but i want to. magkausap kasi kami ni roland nun and he messaged me na hindi ko daw sinagot yung tanong na kung bisaya daw ako... hence my answer. 'hahaha' was not intended to mock anyone. it was an expression because i found it funny na kailangan palang sagutin yung tanong... i'm sorry again... this was just a misunderanding..

peace out!

Ely said...

Gawain ko to: Just forget for the moment and hate her as much as i could. Just forgive later na... kung mangyayari man yun. Kung hindi, at least nakalimutan ko na.

Fjordan Allego said...

lam mo, ito ang pinagsisisihan ko noon..

"we pass this way but only once therefore any good thing that we can do and any kindness that we can show lets do it now for we shall not pass this way again"

sana, ginawa ko na lahat noon. sana hindi na ako nagmataas.. pero hindi eh.. nagawa ko na ang mga bagay bagay at kahit anong pilit kong ibalik iyon, hindi ko na maibabalik yun

at yun ang masakit sa akin dahil sarili ko ang sinisisi ko sa lahat lahat..

Lovely_ph said...

I so agree sa post mo ito! hayyzzz. nkakarelate. hehe. ;)i think the unconditional love comes in a way pag gnitong case na... yata. ahihi.

jei an™ said...

pinatatamaan ba ko ng post mo? haha.. kidding aside, you know what it's just so easy to tell na 50-50 and ibigay mo sa relationship. Truth is, you can't control it. Once you fall, there's no way you can set limitations on how far can you give love (been there done that).. +_-

Anonymous said...

relate akoo...sigh :-(