Saturday, September 13, 2008


It was really late that night,
Feeling empty, lonely, no one beside me.

In the dew with a full shout awakening,
pressing down the grasses
My loneliness pressing me down
while silent tears falling on its own.

I write your name...
In a faint starlight only stones gleam.
My thoughts long ago turned from you
but then you vanished without traces.

Suddenly at sunrise awake me..
I see none but only white fog rising..
Tears continue to fall when I knew I lost you..

I long to merge with the boundless dazzling far-away clouds in the sky
to comfort and soothe this loneliness because of you..

I see you rarely.. No more now..

Please let us meet.. My dear I miss you
I tried to pick myself closer
to breathe the air that you breath
to listen the hymn you crooned
to know why you refuse, do you?

Are you leaving me?
down the long and dusty roads?

When do you have time for me?
when do I know, that You're always there.
when do I need to tell myself
that I don't need you,
that I don't want you around..
for it's in you, a true Love I found...

I cried almost all the time,
I want you to know about that, but you're deaf!

when will be your eyes start staring at me
your mouth to speak..

You're the one giving me courage and strength to overcome obstacle.
You tell me not to quit, when I'm almost halfway there..
You hold my hands to let me feel,
that we will always be together no matter what

Your smile that brighten up my days
It simply lift my heart.

I want to tell you this..
I do like your crinkling eyes
They tell me "its alright"
I wish to bring you back
from where you stopped.

But all in uttered silence..

I am locked up in the dark room
I cried out... and shout
I miss you.. I miss you.. I miss you so much
when will you be with me?

I want to know,

Do you still love me?

because I love you so much..

(this is my entry for E[kwento]MO)


RONeiluke, RN said...

simply beautiful and sincere... hays... love... nothing hurts more than loving and losing someone...

hope the sun would shine for you soon :)

Anonymous said...

very heartfelt ah. sakit.

arvin said...

Ito ba yung entry mo sa e[kwento]mo? Kung ito ay pakilagyan ng note na ito nga, 'tas pakiemail yung mga detalye sa kahit excerpt na lang tsaka yung pic:D

RONeiluke, RN said...

xenxa na ,kung medyo napahaba na naman... OC ako sa pagsusulat lately napansin ko. hehe! pagbigyan mo na ko pero i appreciate na still binasa mo.. :)

pensucks said...

ansad naman... :(

things&thongs said...

ang lungkot. super.

The Mikologist said...

when you par with [him]...
you grieve not,
for what you love in him is clearer,
like the mountain to the climber
is clearer from the plains.
-------------Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

the donG said...

naku sana gaganda ang pagtapos ng linggong ito para sayo.

Rio said...

asan na b sya??

nakakalungkot naman ito...

Fjordan Allego said...

uber lungkot.. hayz...

R-yo said...

hayayay! malungkot pa rin dito... smile!

karmi said...

naramdaman ko na rin yan dati. ung pagkamiss sa taong mahal mo.. na gusto mo syang makasama. makayakap.

salamat sa entry ha. =) goodluck.

McRey said...

Grabe ang emo!!!

Ang sakit talaga kapag ganun...nakakainis...


日月神教-任我行 said...